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Gile Puot, 65, displaced by the Torkej attack, lives with his family in Bentik village across the river. Torkej, Jikany Nuer territory, was attacked on 8 May by the larger Lol Nuer tribe, and is vulnerable to repeated cattle raids and attacks because of their placement on the river and proximity to Lol Nuer lands. Gile is terrified to resettle with his family in Torkej for fear of another violent attack. The Lol Nuer are perpetrators of repeated cattle raids and attacks against the Dinka, Murle, and Jikany Nuer sub-tribe. Tribal violence overall in Southern Sudan has dramatically increased in 2009, with over 2000 deaths, more people than have been killed in Darfur. Upper Nile, Southern Sudan. 25 November 2009.